Paul Bell
Paul Bell

Commissioning Art

Private residence, Beaconsfield, England

Commissioning an Artist is something that goes back hundreds even thousands of years and to this day provides artists with the challenge of painting something they wouldnt necessarily choose to paint.

This is no bad thing for an artist as it takes them outwith their comfort zone and allows them to experience through their medium subjects and themes previously disregarded.

For the client it presents an opportunity to have someone or something captureded in a unique form.

Finding the right piece of art for your home or workplace can be a long drawn out affair, whether it is online searches or multiple Gallery visits.

The solution in many cases is to commission an Artist.






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'Joan' oil on canvas


Portrait commissions can be produced in a variety of medium, the above is of Joan, shortlisted for the 2014 BP Portrait prize



'Life's a circus" National Centre for Circus Arts Oil on canvas


Commissions occassional come in the form of charitable organisations or fundraising events. When workload permits its always a pleasure to donate a painting for a worthwhile cause.

Jarnac bridge, watercolour


Architectural commissions can be of any subject, Home, Office or any place of architectural interest.



Private Residence, Penn


Private Residence, Penn


Private Residence, Penn



IIAA private office.

IIAA (International Institute for anti ageing)


This abstract painting was commissioned for the private office of one of the directors of IIAA.

The painting measures 140 x 100 cm and is oil on canvas.