Paul Bell
Paul Bell




The 2015 BBC1 Big Painting Challenge saw 10 amatuer artists selected from 6000 applicats compete to be awarded the title of 'Britains best amatuer Artist'.

Have a look at the home page that accompanied the series, including Artist profiles, Episode clips and Presenter profiles.




Discussing my still life with Una Stubbs, Lachlan Goudie and Daphne Todd

Still life


Here is a clip from Episode 3 of the Big Painting Challenge when based at Bleinham Palace, we painted our still lifes based on a collection of artefacts of personal relevance.


A deceivingly calm still of me looking out to sea just before filming the final at Dartmouth



Here is a clip from the  Episode 6, the final of The Big Painting Challenge as we set up to paint the harbour scene.


A profile on me by ESOP, The Essential School of Painting

Here are some videos from live painting sessions with Jackson art supplies.